Higher Self Connection Crystal Grid - Sacred Grip + mp3 activation

Higher Self Connection Crystal Grid - Sacred Grip + mp3 activation

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You can now take your favorite Sacred Crystal Codes Crystal Grid wherever you take your phone! 

Product Description:

• Can stick to your mobile phone, tablet, pad or other device backfaces
• Durable and easy to use ... just peel and stick
• Fits perfectly in your fingers for non slip grip
• Easily compress and expand with a push or pull of the pop up
• Durable and easy to use

Please allow 3-4 weeks to delivery

Your order includes:

• One Sacred Grip 
• A downloadable picture (for your desktop and phone background) 
•  A mp3 to activate the Sacred Crystal Code of Antahkarana in your vibration
( Downloadables will be available October 23, we will email you the links)

About the Sacred Crystal Codes - Antahkarana Sacred Geometry Symbol:

This crystal grid invites you to initiate and strengthen your connection with your Higher Self. It also comes to bring deeper awareness of the power of your higher self in your life.

If you are attracted to this sacred crystal code, your higher self is calling you to take this relationship to a whole deeper level. Your Higher Self is your spiritual self, a bigger part of your Soul that knows much more than you physical self knows. It has the memories of the Records for this life, past and future. And can be your best advice and supporter in all situations.


This Grid is inspired by the Antahkarana symbol, which has its own consciousness. This grid bridges and connects your physical brain and your higher self. When you meditate on this grid, it begins to work immediately within your aura and affects your upper chakras to bring you what you need.

Supporting crystals are: lemurian points, amethyst, fluorite



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